Water restrictions remain in place in much of South Africa today. This makes industrial projects geared at reduced water usage and conservation of water resources critical.

This Award celebrates a company which has taken seriously the challenges that confront the world and has successfully implemented the necessary steps to ensure that the natural environment is preserved.

The 2019 Environment Stewardship Award recognises a company that has gone out of its way to invest in the environment and has successfully implemented initiatives in its day-to-day business operations.

Although there was only one entry for this category, the Judges agreed that this company was deserving of this award.

The company has taken it upon itself to initiate ways in which it can protect, control and conserve water usage.  Some of those initiatives include monthly monitoring of its own water usage, using water meters through its different sites.  As part of these measures, it can recycle and re-use its own water and capitalise on such opportunities to implement various projects.

One such project which was implemented was the water recycling project through the Hydrostatic testing process and the following factors were considered and implemented:

  • A Filter system was designed and incorporated in order to prevent fouling (build-up of dirt) caused by debris in the water; and
  • A neutral pH of 7.0 was maintained by not heating or freezing the stored water in the tank. pH tests were also conducted before each pressure test.

The most fundamental change in the environment created by the implementation of this system was the saving of approximately 5000 litres of water.  The system has also significantly reduced the amount of water that could have been used every time a hydrostatic test was conducted. There were significant changes in the environment as a result of the implementation of this system.

This company has implemented a project that is in line with national objectives and has reduced its environmental footprint – which is to be commended.

Ladies and gentlemen, the richly-deserving Winner of the 2019 Environmental Stewardship Award of the Year is Babcock.

SEIFSA acclaims this achievement and heartily congratulates the company.


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