The SEIFSA Awards for Excellence are five months away. Once again, SEIFSA will be rewarding excellence in seven categories:

  1. Most Innovative Company of Year
  2. Health and Safety Award of the Year
  3. Best Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year
  4. Customer Service Award of the Year
  5. Most Transformed Company of the Year
  6. Environment Stewardship Award
  7. The Artisan Award

Now in their sixth year, the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence present an opportunity for companies in the metals and engineering sector to highlight to the country and the world their levels of  innovation. Companies in the sector do adhere to – and  and prosper –  when they respond to key policies and national imperatives such as the Environment, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, as well as Health and Safety, whilst doing business at a high level.

Winners of the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence serve as benchmarks in the industry – as role models for other companies and people to follow. Entries are open to all companies in the metals and engineering sector, and not only those that are members of Associations affiliated to SEIFSA. The main purpose of the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence is to promote and reward innovation and excellence throughout the entire metals and engineering sector. SEIFSA invites all 10,000 companies in the sector to apply – the event must be an industry-wide example of best practice.

Perhaps more than any other industry, the metals and engineering cluster needs shining examples. The sector is an important supplier to the mining, automotive and construction sectors, but its strategic role in the economy is sometimes under-appreciated. Making matters worse is South Africa’s lack-lustre economy, imports of cheaper – often subsidized – competitive products and an apparent lack of international competitiveness.

The SEIFSA Awards for Excellence put the spotlight on companies which thrive even during tough economic times, which export and sell products of a superior nature to

those that have been imported, companies that train and emphasize local skills and thrive when producing for the local market, and companies which take that local expertise abroad and shine on an international platform.

Now that you know more about the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence, the time is now to consider and plan for your entry in 2020. The SEIFSA team has put together five reasons why your company should enter. Good luck for the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence, which are now in their fifth year!

Five Reasons to Enter the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence

  • Staff Morale and Motivation
    Being an “award-winning company” is a signal to employees that their efforts are making a difference. Motivated staff usually do their level best to maintain company standards and strive to remain on top, which is good for business. Awards also demonstrate that there is space for “internal entrepreneurship” or being a champion of a cause. Award applications are driven by people, not companies. In all likelihood, these people are loyal, motivated, engaged and regarded as high-value employees.
  • Reflection
    Outside of Strategic Planning and Team Breakaways, companies tend not to reflect back on the work they do. With an entry into the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence, the questions will allow a reflection and introspection exercise to take place internally.The act of compiling and submitting an award application takes time and effort. Naturally, the following questions will arise:
  • How can we do better next time?
  • What can we do differently?
  • Are our results sustainable?
    The process will push the company to become even more competitive by filling in the gaps. Entering for the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence also creates an opportunity to receive useful and constructive feedback about the organization or project from objective experts.
  • Learning What is Possible
    Even though some processes will be proprietary information and will not be disclosed, the results of projects demonstrate what can be achieved if organisations make them a priority. Lessons in BB-BEE as well as Environment and Safety can illuminate the path for others to follow. By networking with award winners, companies could generate new opportunities, such as referrals, leads and partnerships.
  • Brand Recognition
    Using the phrase “a SEIFSA Awards for Excellence winner” is a powerful marketing and communication tool for any award winner. Leveraging an award win as news on a company’s website, intranet or other communication channels will be a boon for a company’s Marketing Department. SEIFSA will also provide communication support through its own channels, such as its main website and the specific awards website, in addition to its newsletters.
  • Creating an Innovation Culture
    Creating a culture of innovation should be the basis for any award entry. Innovation benefits consumers with new and better products, helps drive economic growth and increases standards of living. Awards can lead companies to invent lower-cost manufacturing processes, which can increase their profits and help companies thrive.

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