Twenty-five years into our democracy, the manufacturing sector remains one of the least transformed in the South African economy. Sustainable transformation remains a key economic and social imperative, and one cannot over-emphasise the need for and the importance of continuing to pursue the transformation agenda. This is especially important in the manufacturing industry, where effective transformation can unlock new opportunities for companies and assist in improving competitiveness. SEIFSA acknowledges the importance of transformation and seeks to reward the company that has made the greatest strides in this regard within our sector.

This Award recognises the company that embraces transformation through a learning culture, drives an effective enterprise and supplier development agenda, embraces employment equity at all levels and inculcates the acceptance of diversity in the workplace. Recognition is given to companies that have shown consistency in improving their BBBEE scorecard through concerted efforts. This Award also acknowledges that to be a good corporate citizen, companies need to fully embrace the philosophy and principles of transformation, beyond mere legislative compliance, but by showing commitment to redressing past inequalities, embedding the principles of B-BBEE into their DNA and securing long-term stability and growth not only for their company, but also for the sector. It is important for empowerment activities that they add value and contribute to sustainability.

Most Transformed 2019

There were three entrants for the Most Transformed Company of the Year Award this year. The judges were impressed with the high quality of all the entries and excited by the innovative initiatives each of the companies has embarked on. Although it was a fairly difficult decision to make, one company caught the eye of all the judges for demonstrating massive strides in its transformation agenda.

As Judges in this category, we were impressed by the work done by this Ekurhuleni-based company. It has indeed embraced the challenges of implementing transformation effectively by not only focusing on just the ownership aspect of the B-BBEE codes, but also making amazing progress in the employment equity and ESD elements. This has enabled them to move from level 6 on the scorecard in 2014 to an astounding level 2 in 2017. Over and above this, the Judges were won over by the work the company has done on entrenching its company culture, which is centred around the theme of “Togetherness”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the richly-deserving Winner of the 2019 Most Transformed Company of the Year Award is —– Pamodzi Unique Engineering. We are delighted to present the Award to Pamodzi and heartily congratulate the company on its achievement.


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