The quality of entries for the Most Innovative Company of the Year Award for 2017 was extremely high. This vindicates SEIFSA’s belief that, even during difficult economic times, some companies in the metals and engineering sector have continued to embrace and leverage innovation in order to remain domestically and internationally competitive.

Ultimately, South African businesses in all sectors have to be innovative, through technology – among other levers – in order to remain competitive both locally and globally.

As judges in this category, we were impressed by the work done by a company which saw an opportunity to design and manufacture a product with local material and labour, instead of importing from an overseas-based company at an exorbitant cost and with very little value-add from South Africa.

The innovative design of this product is cost effective and robust to suit the conditions it is used in. The simplistic design is ideal for service and maintenance and the choice of a mild steel which is hot-dip galvanized and locally sourced ensures that hygienic conditions are maintained.

This innovation has clearly captured clients’ loyalty and the testimonials submitted confirmed the ease of use, the time saving in their businesses and the cost-effectiveness of the product. Clients all confirmed that their business efficiencies, staff training and cost saving have grown their business considerably with this local innovation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the richly-deserving winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Company of the Year Award is Denwa Engineering. We are delighted to present the Award to Denwa Engineering and heartily congratulate the company.

These were our nominees.


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