The quality of entries for the Most Innovative Company of the Year Award for 2019 was extremely high. This vindicates SEIFSA’s belief that, even during difficult economic times, some companies in the metals and engineering sector have continued to embrace and leverage innovation in order to remain domestically and internationally competitive. Ultimately, South African businesses in all sectors have to be innovative, in order to remain competitive both locally and globally.

An exciting development in this category is the donation by the SA Innovation Summit of three tickets, worth R6 000 each, for the upcoming Innovation Summit on the 11 – 13 September 2019, at the Cape Town Stadium. The top three entries in this category will be part of the conversation with a global network of innovators, discover new technologies and connect with fellow global leaders.

As judges in this category, we were impressed by three entries. A commendation is given to Beka Schreder for their high- ower modular LED floodlight, the OMNIblast-E that is locally manufactured, flexible, efficient and cost effective.

After much debate, a close second was PackSolve with its Engineered Timber project that improved product quality, lowered costs to the customer and drives sustainability in waste management. Well done, PackSolve…


The chosen winner in this category goes to a company which saw an opportunity of improving its offering by using its expertise to build a complete solution and, in turn, afford clients an opportunity to replace existing equipment that had an insufficient life cycle.

Through designing and supplying this solution, the company moved away from being one of the many suppliers offering a commercial product to becoming a partner supplier and offering a complete solution to suit customers’ needs.

Rewriting production strategies brought together various divisions and strengthened ties amongst employees, enabling the transfer of varying experiences and upskilling employees in an organic and efficient manner.

This opportunity had a marked impact on the company’s annual turnover, accounting for 1.5% of their total budget based on the first order.Ladies and Gentlemen, the richly-deserving winner of the 2019 Most Innovative Company of the Year Award is HC Heat-Exchangers (Pty) Ltd with its’ Stainless Steel Water Chiller Unit.We heartily congratulate HC Heat-Exchangers. Please come up and receive your well- deserved award.


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