The Health and Safety Award category seeks to reward an organization with the lowest Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate and an effective system in place to manage risks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the seven companies that submitted entries for this category. Unfortunately, there has to be only one winner.

The 2019 Health and Safety Award category has been sponsored by Rand Mutual Assurance.

This year’s winner of the Health and Safety Award demonstrated a multifaceted approach to risk management by implementing several programmes to influence positively the safety culture within the organization. Cognisance was taken of the influence of technology as a communication tool and customised software was used effectively to raise health and safety awareness.

The organisation undertook risk assessments and controls and mitigation measures were implemented and regularly monitored. There was visible leadership commitment and top management review activities took into account inputs from Health and Safety Committee meetings.


SMART health and safety objectives were established, and actions to achieve those objectives were planned and implemented.  The targets set out each objective allowed for accountability and measurement of health and safety performance. At the time of submission, the organization had valid ISO 18001 certification and was in the process of transitioning to the new ISO 45001: 2019 standard. Continuous improvement efforts and results were demonstrated clearly through the use of data analysis and statistics.

Considerable effort went into ensuring employees’ honest participation in health and safety performance. Formal internal training was also provided to address task-based knowledge gaps.

The Winner of the 2019 Health and Safety Award of the Year is Howden. We congratulate the company for its excellence in Health and Safety in 2019.


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