The Health and Safety Category seeks to reward an organisation with the lowest Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate and an effective system in place for managing risks. There were seven contenders in this category and six of them had firm management systems in place; unfortunately, there could only be one winner.

This year’s winner of the Health and Safety Award completed a 1.5 million manhour project without any serious or Loss Time Injuries. They displayed astounding support for both employees and management through comprehensive training and meticulous risk management. Effectiveness of risk mitigation measures was monitored through a Safety Lens Programme and other interactive platforms.

Employees were recognized as crucial stakeholders in health and safety, and their participation in risk assessment and management was valued.  To minimize the burden of disease within the workforce, a comprehensive wellness programme which aligns to SANS 16001 was put in place – and this covered both permanent and temporary employees.

Clear objectives on health and safety were established. The targets set out for each objective allowed for accountability and measurement of health and safety performance. The health and safety system was monitored and evaluated through internal and second-party legal compliance audits, incident investigations, medical surveillance and occupational hygiene measurements.

Considerable effort went into ensuring honest participation of the employees in health and safety performance. Formal internal training was also provided to address task-based knowledge gaps.

The Winner of the 2018 Health and Safety Award of the Year is Babcock. We congratulate the company for its excellence in Health and Safety in 2018.

These were our nominees.


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