SEIFSA prides itself on providing services and products that will benefit its membership and the industry. Over the years, SEIFSA has continuously researched and developed products and service offerings that remain relevant and provide value and benefit for all its users. To this end SEIFSA has the following offerings:

  • Industrial Relations and Legal Services;
  • Human Capital and Skills Development;
  • Safety Health Environment and Quality; and
  • Economics and Commercial.

In addition to these offerings, SEIFSA hosts a variety of seminars, breakfast meetings and other Corporate Events to enhance value to the industry. In this category, the criteria used to choose the winner are:

  • The number of service or product offerings used;
  • Support of any of the other SEIFSA Corporate Events; and
  • The total spend in a calendar year.

We take this opportunity to thank each company that has supported SEIFSA in the past year and look forward to continuing to be of service to you. SEIFSA has grown its customer base considerably over the years, thanks to the support from companies like yours. This enables us to succeed and deliver on our mandate. Over the past two years, SEIFSA has launched a digital marketing platform that seeks to be more customer orientated and service your needs better.


The winner in this category has used services in the Industrial Relations and Legal Services Division, the Human Capital and Skills Development Division and the Economic & Commercial Division, and has attended many of the SEIFSA Corporate Events, with the highest spend by an individual company for the calendar year 2019.  The winner in this category is:


On behalf of SEIFSA, we congratulate you and look forward to your continued support. May you grow from strength to strength. Thank you for your support and we are delighted to be of service to you.

In the next few months, please be on the alert for the launch of our Customer Loyalty Programme which is designed to offer you and similarly loyal companies even better value for money, and our Online Learning programmes and courses that will be available on demand and at your convenience to meet your varying and diverse needs. Many of these courses are SETA- accredited or have CPD points.

In conclusion, we would like to see you enter in the other Award categories in 2020.


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