It is time now for the presentation of the prestigious CEO’s Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Industry.

This individual has had a profound and indelible impact on the Metals and Engineering Sector. His stewardship, leadership and direction of much that has unfolded in SEIFSA’s 75-year history is, in one way or another, intertwined with his career.

It is a great honour and a privilege to present the CEO’s Award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Industry to Louis Breckenridge, until recently the Executive Director of the Constructional Engineering Association of South Africa.

At the tender age of 21, after a stint at the University of the Witwatersrand, Louis started his impressive career in the industry, which saw him rise to being Co-owner and Managing Director of his own business, contributing to making him an exceptionally knowledgeable member of the steel construction industry.

Highlights of his business career include stints at Iscor Newcastle, Sasol 2 and 3 and the Alberton City Mall. Among the outstanding export projects were a number in Israel, the State Bank Building in Mauritius and the Lisbon Convention Centre.

Louis has remained involved and active in industry affairs over a period in excess of 60 years in various capacities: as an employer, business owner, CEA Executive Committee member, CEA Chairman, CEA Executive Director, SEIFSA Council Member and resident expert on a host of industry Forums and Committees.

The Metals and Engineering sector has benefitted immensely from his talents, professionalism and dedicated service over many decades.

Louis Breckenridge

In the relatively short time during which I have been with SEIFSA, I have come to know Mr Breckenridge as a passionate man who tends to believe strongly in certain things and to be outspoken in support of the positions that he holds. Almost paradoxically, he is committed to not being easily excited in an industry where people and events are frequently in league to promote panic. On many an occasion, with his penchant for stirring, he may well be the author of disquiet.

We don’t have the luxury of time, nor would we do justice – if time were not a challenge – to a career that spans over 60 years, but suffice it to say that Mr Breckenridge has made an enormous contribution to the industry. This has, in turn, strengthened the CEA’s and SEIFSA’s reputation and good standing.

Let me underscore the importance of his outstanding achievements.

We live in a time of rapid and profound change on many levels, and it is important that we recognize and acknowledge the complexities and pressures of doing business in the 21st century. That is why it is so critically important for business men and women continuously to find new and innovative ways to deliver for their constituencies.

Mr Breckenridge has done exactly that, strengthening the CEA in numerous ways and inspiring its members to have greater confidence in their Association. For that, he deserves our utmost respect and gratitude. I am sure that he would be the first to extend that recognition to all stakeholders with whom he has so successfully collaborated over the years.

For his Outstanding Contribution to the CEA, SEIFSA and, indeed, the Metals and Engineering Industry, it is an immense pleasure and privilege for me to bestow the CEO’s Award For an Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Industry to Mr Louis Breckenridge.

Colleagues and I are immensely grateful to you for you invaluable contribution to the Federation and the industry and for your dependable support over the years.


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